The 5. annual Choppertownnationmeeting is coming on August 31.2013. This site can maybe make your visit a little more conveniant.

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Camping 2013

Sturgis..... welcomes up to 700.000 bikers every year. And one of the most famous places to stay is the Bufallo Chip Campground.

We expect a few people less, but we now have our own private camping ground as well. Call it Hippenkoettel. However, its in walking distance from the event and we will provide some service all night. We cant do it for free, but the price will be reasonable, like less than 10.- per tent. The place is very limited. If you want a spot for your tent, please contact us in time.
Of course your bike can be parked here also.

Montag, 16. Juli 2012


I know it is pretty late, but I forgot to adjust the Hospitality blog to the 2012 facts.
Yes, Choppertownnation Meeting  #4 the Sideshow 2012
is ahead on September 1st.
*Most adresses of camping grounds and hotels are still the same.But if you google you maybe will find more.
*There are some new b&b in the area too.
*Starting time is the same as last year: 14:00
* Bike Hospital: we are ready to support you 
*Guarded parking: nobody used this service last year. we had to
  send the guards home and lost money. due to new rules: the
  fenced area is not available but we have guards on standby. 
  if you want the service let us know before 18:00.
  we will decide if we can provide this than.
  costs may apply (about 10.-).
* no more public pot shops in the area. new law in Holland. still
   illegal in Germany
* there will be a pre party again on Friday night. if you are
   around join us at the Quartier Latin.

Questions? Go ahead post a comment. We will answer.
See you at the Sideshow

Blaue Lagune

This is the best deal as far as I can say, but extremly straight. No place for fooling around.
Blaue Lagune Wachtendonk. Very close to the Autobahn. Easy to find. And perfect if you are going to stay for some extra days. There is a beach, including waterski and wakeboard facility. A camping ground for your tent or trailer. Rental lodges and camping trailers. Bar, food- whatever.
It is up the road for 9 Kilometers straight ahead from the QL.
To make this easy for you we will try to arrange a shuttle service from the CNM.
And your bike? To make sure that you will sleep well and dont have to "drive under influence" we maybe will have a guarded parking right near the event spot. So you can have a few beers, stay at the Blaue Lagune and your bike will be safe for the night.

For booking go to the linklist.

The lodges are for 4-6 persons.

The beach
Inside a 4 person cabin.

Inside a camping trailer.

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Still no place for your tent? Okay here is another suggestion.
This camping ground is in the area also.
Heidecamp Brüggen
Sankt Barbara Str.43, 41379 Brüggen
0049 2157 873622

Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

other camping grounds

If you can not get a space on the "Blaue Lagune" camping ground anymore you have to go to another place or a hotel.

The two most nearest campings are:

in Venlo (Holland): Camping de onderste Molen
Onderste Molenweg 96, Venlo + 31 773511361

in Germany: Camping Günther Winkels, Am Wittsee1,
41334 Nettetal +49 2157 6765 (very old fashioned)

And of course there are more in the area, please check out GOOGLE

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

about pot

Kaldenkirchen is very close to Venlo and the next "coffee shop" is just around the corner.
Some of you guys maybe believe that it is not a big thing to buy, carry and smoke pot in this area. Sorry that I have to kill this idea.
Pot is not legal, either in Germany or Holland. Police is doing and lot of controls on both sides of the border, sometimes they are observating the shops. And even if you are a foreigner they will charge and maybe arrest you for smoking or owning dope. You can loose your drivers licence when they get you driving under influence.
Its up to you to take this risk or not. But please be aware of the consequences.

bike hospital, parking and more

As allready posted on the blogsite, we will have a Bike Emergency Room. Our supporters from
Motor Classics will be there with a mobile repair shop to help you with the little problems the bike may have after the trip to CNM.
And there will be a secured night parking for your ride. When you had a few beers you may need a safe place to park your ride. Please- no driving under influence.
That is why we arranged a closed and guarded parking lot, right around the corner of the venue.
How you get to your camping ground or hotel? In case you need, we will take care of this with a shuttle service by cab or private.

To pay the night guards we have to ask a small fee for the parking .
The shuttle service will be provided by a local cab service, but they collect 4-6 people per ride and the costs will be shared so its about 6.- each. And that is much cheaper than crashing your ride or loosing your drivers licence.